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The site currently is organized in the following pages or links:

Footprints, the blog area. You can subscribe to Family History Posts if you would like to receive a notice about updates to this site.

Family Photos, slideshow galleries organized by surname or location.

Family Tree Database from circa 2000 continuing back—so far—to 1619:

Our Family (Family Tree): is a navigable family tree database created made with Reunion family tree software. This is for the people, dates and events in our family. It contains notes on sources. You can browse through this area in a number of ways but a good way to start the first time is to go to the Surnames and look for one you are familiar with. When you are on a person or family page you will see a tree icon which will take you to a section of that person’s tree.

This area of the site has data which is can be cross referenced for sources and accuracy. Data on this sight comes from family sources and documents as well as official documents available from government archives. The emphasis here is on Family History so sources from family archives and written accounts such as letters or diaries are referenced.

Sidebar Links:

There are several sites on the internet which make genealogy publications available—some free some for a fee. Some are listed on the sidebar.

You can send information, corrections or questions to me, Dorothea, using the Contact form.

You can comment on posts in the blog—Footprints.

Online genealogy:

I do have a membership to and several of the vital records I am finding there will be referenced here. To view on you need to be a member but I will try to give enough information that you can search for a document in another way. The original documents are in general all public domain but many of the versions found on subscription sites such as are copyrighted and I can not republish them from that source.