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Family History Site has moved to this web address

Welcome. This is the new web location for posting Dorothea and Ed Mordan’s genealogy database and the photo restoration work by Dorothea Mordan.

To view the database click on the Family Tree Databse

From this Contents page you can go directly to Surnames, Index, Sources. On Surnames or Index you can choose a first name and go to the person’s card. There you can click on the tree icon and get a five generation view of their ancestors. Sources will give you a list of source materials I am using.

To view photos click on the Family Photos

Here is where photos will be added as I catalog them. I have many older family photos which have varying amounts of damage. I will post to this blog page when I upload new and / or restored images so use the Subscribe button at the top of the right sidebar and you will be notified by email when there is a new post.

The bulk of the information I am starting with is from family members’ records and written notes, letters, diaries, etc. In my Sources List I note where a reference came from. When I find a source that is “official” as in a birth or death certificate, if it differs from other sources it would be given priority and become the “fact of record” in my data base.

There are many other research sites such as which connect a researcher to U.S. Documents for confirming details. My goal is to get the chronology as close to truth as I can but the really interesting stuff is the story that is formed by personal writings and photos left to put together some of the pieces of our ancestors’ lives.

There are many genealogy sites online and as I find the ones related to the surnames in our family I am adding them to a links list which is displayed in the right sidebar.

For questions and sending corrections and other information please use the Contact link. You can register and post a public comment for everyone here as well. All comments are moderated for content and spam.

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