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Organization of Slideshows Listed on this Page

This page is the top level page with the slideshows located on a series of second, third, etc., level pages. This makes it fairly straightforward to organize photographs into surname and place name groups, but not always. When the system requires a little bit of flexibility there will be a new category or subcategory.

By surname:

Most Galleries will be alphabetized using the surname of an individual given at birth, including married women. This maintains consistency with the family tree database used on this site and many others.

In general the system follows these rules:

Surname of a married couple/single head of household.

Family group photos will be with the Surname Head of Household and Spouse, followed by subcategories of family group photos of their lives, children, etc.

e.g. Chandler, Alfred Dupont and Mary Poor

Chandler, Children of Alfred and Mary

Surname of an adult male or female.

If married the individual portraits of the person will be here.

e.g. Pierce, Rev Dr John, Poor, Mary Merrill

Individuals with many portraits at all ages may have all of them here, even as children, rather than with their parents.

e.g. Wyman, Eva May

By surname in a group: Groups will be titled with surname and other identifying information. These may be cross linked in the future.

By place name: Locations of family homes and some events.

Weddings would be included with the bride and groom’s surname Gallery.

Follow the links below to slideshows listed by group, surname or place: