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Feb 15 1896
Front row Alfred Dupont Chandler, Henry Poor Chandler, Theophilus Parsons Chandler.
Back row Twins William Sumner Chandler & Elizabeth Julia Chandler, Charles Lyon Chandler.

Feb 15 1896.
Back row: Alfred Dupont Chandler, Theophilus Parsons Chandler, Henry Poor Chandler, Charles Lyon Chandler.
Front row: Twins William Sumner Chandler & Elizabeth Julia Chandler.

Twins William Sumner Chandler and Elizabeth Julia Chandler
b. Nov 26 1893.
Photo taken 1898 at five years old.

Twins Billy and Betty at Merrill House.

Chandler-Children-of-Alfred-and-Mary-sitting-2-15-1896 thumbnail
Chandler-Children-of-Alfred-and-Mary-standing-2-15-1896 thumbnail
Chandler-William-Sumner-and-Elizabeth-Julia-1898-5yrs thumbnail
Chandler-William-and-Elizabeth-at-Merril-House thumbnail