This Family Tree site was created and is maintained by Dorothea Mordan.

Use of Content on this website

All Original art and graphics used on this site are copyright protected, copyright of Dorothea Mordan. Genealogical information is generally Public Domain, however there will be original writing throughout the site. Please Contact Dorothea if you would like to use any content of this site.

Digital Restoration by Dorothea Mordan

You can see some of Dorothea's heirloom photograph restorations at the Chandler Designs website.

Sources of information:

There are several web sites on the various family groups and members cataloged here. At you will find links to other online sources. The two primary purposes of this Family Tree site and the Family History site are to 1) share some of the stories accumulated about our ancestors and 2) to create a database of vital information—such as birth, death or marriage dates—written by family members and then verifying with documentation wherever possible.

Privacy controls on this tree:

The first and last names of all entered people appear on the tree, except those with no year of death and born in 1900 or earlier.

If a person has a year of death entered then their entire record is viewable.

If no death year is entered then the person's information is hidden and the word 'Private' will appear. The exception is that people born in 1900 and before will be viewable, solving the problem of not having an accurate year of death.

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