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Updates to Wyman and Chandler in January 2014

Updates for January include photographs for surnames Chandler and database entries for Chandler, Wyman, Dunlap and Swor family members.

There is currently not a good way of highlighting most recent entries as you view the site so as a bit of a guideline:

Database update to the family of Theophilus Parsons Chandler and Elizabeth Julia Schlatter. A photo was added to a new slideshow listed on the Family Photos page.

Database update for the family of John Monroe Wyman and Minnie Haynes as well as updates to their grandchildren.

In 2013 two family members passed away, Dorothea Dunlap Swor, December 7 and Helen Johnson Dunlap, December 25. Reminder about surnames in the database—the Index uses the name given at birth so all married women are indexed using their maiden name.

The site styling has been updated as well, hopefully making the two areas more unified. Feedback on usability is welcome, as are alerts to any typos you see. If you have differing information on vital records—birth, death, et. al.—that is helpful, especially if you have a copy of the vital record.  Please use the Contact Form.

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